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Even though maxalt reduces headache during migraine, it may cause side effects sleepiness, lack of energy, high fatigue, severe heartbeat, dyspepsia, and tremor of extremities.

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Sleepiness and vertigo are among the side effects experienced due to intake of maxalt.

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Difficulty thinking or working because of sleepiness, tiredness dizziness inability to sleep decreased mental sharpness nervousness agitation seeing feeling hearing things that are not there headache not relieved by maxalt stomach or bowel problems feeling sick nausea , vomiting stomach upset or pain diarrhoea changes in your sight or taste such as blurred vision dry mouth thirst bad taste throat discomfort tongue swelling skin problems skin rash, itching redness or flushing of the face hot flushes, sweating changes in the way your body feels, such as feelings of heaviness or tightness on parts of the body muscle weakness muscle pain tingling or numbness of the hands or feet tremor, unsteadiness when walking spinning sensation, also called vertigo very high temperature unusually increased reflexes or lack of coordination fast, slow or irregular heart beats, palpitations neck pain or facial pain.

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gender the mean auc 0- and c max of maxalt rdp 10 mg orally were about 30 and 11 higher in females as compared to males, respectively, while t max occurred at approximately the same time.


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